Powersky Network Limited connect your business to the world

Powered by a leading team of market researchers and data scientists, Powersky Network Limited is committed to serving North American and Chinese companies. Our two-way approach provides a unique platform for exploring opportunities in both markets. We let your business skyrocket by connecting you to the most popular Chinese and North American publishers.


With a population of 1.39 billion people, China is a massive, unpenetrated market for many brands, primarily due to several perceived obstacles such as the language barrier and the unique programmatic buying ecosystem. We’re here to help your brand to conquer these challenges and grow your business abroad.

As the only North American DSP that is independently operated and managed by Chinese people, our unique bi-cultural background successfully overcomes all language barriers. Thanks to our highly skilled scientific team, we can accurately analyze the Chinese market and help you precisely identify where to best spend your marketing dollars.

Cutting-Edge Advertising Solutions

 Precise targeting powered by AI


Get better ad placement, higher sales conversion rate, and increased brand exposure by reaching your intended audience with our razor-sharp artificial intelligence.

Third-party data integration


Our data-management platform (DMP) leverages third party data from a range of sources to track your ideal online clientele across all their devices with laser like precision.

Automated campaign optimization


Automate your campaign optimization process using our machine-learning algorithms. Use both historical and real-time data from multiple sources to identify and reach an online audience that is most likely to use your products or services

Self-service campaign management


Create, start, pause, and adjust your campaigns with our easy-to-use self-service campaign management system.

Real-time reporting


Save your marketing dollars and boost your return on investment (ROI) by adjusting your marketing strategy based on comprehensive real-time reporting and campaign feedback.

Smart campaign generation


Generate custom web pages and banners from thousands of premium templates designed by talented professionals with just a few clicks of a button.

High performance computing servers


Never miss an opportunity to deliver ads to your target audience with our high performance IBM cloud servers.

Smart campaign generation

Secure and Flexible Payments

Powersky DSP supports many payment options to make each transaction as seamless as possible. We currently support payments by airwallex soon. While payments are made, we can access and process funds in other currencies as well. Your payment information and sensitive data will be handled securely.

Brand Safety & Integrity

Programmatic media buying enables advertisers to source huge volumes of inventory from ad exchanges and networks to reach a global audience. However, ads that appear on inappropriate websites or alongside unsafe content could damage a brand’s reputation.


Powersky DSP makes it a priority to safeguard its clients against these ever-present online risks.

Powersky DSP avoids all but the highest quality exchanges and publishers. With our focus on brand protection, we will routinely assess the contents of websites and apps within our supplier’s ad inventory.


With our focus on brand protection, we will routinely assess the contents of websites and apps within our supplier’s ad inventory.

We will also detect fraudulent traffic, prevent ad collisions, and prevent any suspicious activity.