yasmin-sqStreet Dance, Fitness, Aerobics & Flexibility

Yasmin is an ambitious and talented dance and fitness instructor running classes for all ages.

Dance fit: A perfectly mixed fitness class combining a range of styles, aerobics and flexibility training providing a full body workout in the best possible way.

Street Feet: Children’s street dance and commercial hip-hop class. Children will have the opportunity to work toward the UDO street dance syllabus where they can gain a recognised certificate and badge.

Street Cheer: Combining the funkiest street moves involving locking, popping, tutting and waacking with traditional cheer motions and chant to create fun exciting routines. Children will also have the opportunity to complete in the British Gymnastics Spirit Cheerleading Awards. Gaining a certificate and badge at every level.

Yasmin also has her own dance crew, which Intrim will be sponsoring in the not too distant future.